Please read the three step process to understand our custom order experience :)

step 1

choosing your setting

We have almost all of our pendant & ring settings available in 999 sterling silver, solid 14k yellow and solid white gold. If you dont see the setting you had in mind listed bellow, please reach out. We can make you up a special listing. Also, if you have any additional questions about the settings, dont hesitate to ask, we are happy to help!

Step two

Picking the perfect eye

This is the fun part!

For our mini settings, you’ll see the eye options under the photos on each of the product pages. Those are all the colors we have for them so you can lock in your eye the same time you place your order. Easy breezy!
For our classic size settings you will be picking from our large collection of hand painted & antique glass prosthetic eyes. After placing an order we will reach out to you within 2-3 business days with options in the color of your interest.

If you have a photo you would like us to match, please email it to us after placing your order. ⭐️ please note we do not create the eyes ourselves, which means we can not replicate a photo of an eye… but what we will do is look through our extensive collection and try to find one that’s the closest match to your photo!

We won’t start your piece until you’re fully happy with your eye choice and confirm we are good to move forward with step three! :)

step three

Creating your piece

Leave step three to us! But while you’re waiting please remember that we are making a piece with your exact specifications which takes some extra love. With this in mind, our customs take some time. We are talking anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending on the season and how busy we are. We are a super small team working as hard as we can to get your orders finished and out to you.
We recommend not placing your order until you’ve made sure this timing also works for you. Thank you so much for your understanding. 🙏 If there are any issues with your order we will email you asap! Once your piece is complete we will email you a photo to confirm before we ship out.

If you have any other questions about custom orders please email us at We are so excited to be able to offer custom work again and can’t wait to make you your one of a kind Eyeba piece!

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